About SLAM!

1. About SLAM!

SLAM! Volunteering:

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USC students teach after-school music classes at local middle and high schools in underserved communities.  Class subjects are guitar, piano, percussion, rock band, and songwriting.

Each class has a lead instructor who writes the curriculum for each week as well as an assistant instructor(s) who helps out the lead.  Being an assistant instructor is a great way to gain experience teaching music with less commitment than a lead instructor.

Classes are typically an hour and half long each week on Monday – Friday.  Volunteers dedicate three-four hours for each weekly class (for example, leave at USC at 2:00pm and get back at 5:30pm).

At the end of each semester, the students perform in a Final Showcase to show off their musical improvement for their friends and family.


Please email: trojanrecruitment@slamprogram.org