Lani Renaldo, President


Lani is a junior studying music industry and advertising. She has performed in various bands in addition to her own musical project. She loves to sing, play drums (among four other instruments) and produce. She recently had the opportunity to perform in USC’s backyard at the Shrine Expo Hall opening for Halsey. When she’s not volunteering with SLAM! She enjoys wasting time on Netflix and being a self-proclaimed sneakerhead.

Carly Sabicer, Vice-President of Finance


Carly Sabicer is a Sophomore majoring in Music Industry and minoring in Non-Profits, Philanthropy, and Volunteerism. Carly started singing at a young age and has been playing the guitar for the past 8 years, as well as dabbling in a variety of other instruments. Her passion for music is only rivaled by her desire to give back to the community, a bi-product of growing up with parents working in the non-profit sector. Besides volunteering with SLAM!, Carly busies herself recording the live show for USC’s KXSC and planning the musical events for Mu Sigma Epsilon. When she’s not doing all this, you can find her in her apartment, doing some amazing things with carbs.

Matthew van Niekerk, Vice-President of Recruitment


Matthew van Niekerk is a sophomore Computer Science student. He has been playing music since he first picked up a recorder when he was 7. He experimented with a few different instruments over the years, but now focuses on guitar and electronic music production. Besides volunteering with SLAM! and slowly dying at the hands of the nefarious engineering department, he can be found taking photos in an attempt to garner Instagram likes or studying Japanese.